SaskSmart Innovations Fund (SSIF)

Ongoing support for SSIF fund recipients is provided by the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network and the Saskatchewan Literacy Network.  Those supports include:

  • Literacy resources
  • Subject information on: Essential Skills, Workplace Literacy, Adult Literacy, Aboriginal Literacy, Family Literacy, Aboriginal Assessment
  • Development information about: Needs Assessment, Strategic Development, Plan Development, and Application Assistance

The SaskSmart Innovations Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to Saskatchewan communities to create innovative and sustainable ways to address their literacy needs. Two types of funding are available: Expression of Interest and Community Literacy Plan.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

The Literacy Office is interested in assisting Saskatchewan communities concerned about the workplace and family literacy needs within that community.  An EOI grant can help a community engage in a literacy needs assessment (gap analysis) which will, in turn, provide the structure for programming and a sustainable plan.  Communities who receive EOI funding one year, and achieve the goals of their application, can apply for Community Literacy Plan funding another year. Expressions of Interest grants of up to $10,000 are available.

Community Literacy Plans (CLP)

Saskatchewan communities are invited to submit proposals that address identified workplace and family literacy needs in Saskatchewan.  Because each community is unique there is no set funding amount, but requests up to $70,000 will be considered.  Funding is for one year only and communities must be able to show in-kind or additional funding support.  Plans are expected to explain how the community will sustain programming and funding.

For further information about SSIF, contact:


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