APRINTS – Aboriginal Parents’ Roles Interacting With Teacher Support

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Aboriginal Parents’ Roles Interacting with Teacher Support Facilitator Training (APRINTS)

Upcoming training: April 2012 – Dates TBA

Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network Inc. recently received management of the Aboriginal Parents Interacting With Teacher Support 2 day Facilitator training and we are excited to offer this workshop to interested communities. SALN is unique in that it incorporates Aboriginal content into the training and provides trained Aboriginal facilitators.

 APRINTS is an Aboriginal Parents Roles interacting with Teacher Support Family Literacy Program. This family literacy program aims to empower Aboriginal parents as their children’s first and most important teachers.  Parents/caregivers will learn activities, songs, crafts, and games they can do with children ages 0-6 years old.


  • value and explore their Aboriginal heritage;
  • understand and become aware of their own strengths as parents;
  • understand their vital role in their children’s learning;
  • make links between aspects of traditional Aboriginal culture and their children’s literacy development;
  • create a literacy-rich environment within their homes and engage their children in literacy activities on a regular basis; and
  • create stronger relationships with their children through the sharing of literacy and culture.

Length of Training: 12 Hours (2 6-hour days)

Targeted Participants: Staff, facilitators, coordinators, teachers or parents interested in learning more about Aboriginal Family Literacy

To book a training workshop in your community, contact:

Alana Ross
Aboriginal Family Literacy Coordinator
Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network Inc.
Office: (306) 934-2632  Fax: (306) 934-2633

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