Aboriginal Family Literacy

What is Aboriginal Family Literacy?

Aboriginal Family Literacy is the holistic way family and community members use language for growth, personal empowerment, community development and self-determination. It focuses on the life-long learning of all family members through relationships with each other. It encompasses first languages, Elder involvement, culture, and community to unify mind, heart, body, and spirit.

Family Literacy takes place every day. Making a grocery list, writing activities on a calendar, playing a game, reading the newspaper, and talking during mealtime are all examples of family literacy.

AFL Brochure August 2012

Our Role:

We support and promote Aboriginal Family Literacy creating awareness on the issue of Aboriginal literacy and supporting literacy practitioners become successful in creating family literacy programs in their own community.. In an effort to build a network of Aboriginal people trained in family literacy, we offer information about family literacy training opportunities to professionals, caregivers and volunteers interested in providing family literacy resources to First Nations and Métis communities of Saskatchewan.

Our Programs:

There are a number of other family literacy facilitator trainings offered in the province of Saskatchewan and they include:

Saskatchewan Literacy Network:

  • Introduction to  Family Literacy
  • Storysacks
  • Rhymes, Songs and Storytelling
  • Come Read With Me
  • Pre-Natal Caring Circle

Further Education Society of Alberta:

  • Aboriginal Literacy and Parenting Skills (ALAPS)

Our Services:

As a provincial organization, we work with the  Provincial Family Literacy Management Team (a partnership with the SK Literacy Office, the Saskatchewan Literacy Network, and the Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network Inc.) to articulate, develop, research, organize, and facilitate meetings, events, and communications regarding provincial family literacy matters.

SALN also seeks to promote the programs and services of other literacy organizations in the province of Saskatchewan. There are 10 provincially funded literacy hubs that provide  direct family literacy programs on an ongoing basis in your region. They include:

  1. Balcarres Communities Literacy Network Inc.
  2. Great Plains College
  3. Lloydminster Learning Council Association
  4. Moose Jaw Literacy Network
  5. Northlands College
  6. Parkland Regional Library
  7. Prince Albert Literacy Network Inc.
  8. READ Saskatoon Inc.
  9. Regina Literacy Network, Inc.
  10. Service fransaskois de formation aux adultes (SEFFA)

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