Understanding and Respecting Aboriginal Cultures

The Saskatchewan Aboriginal  Literacy Network Inc. (SALN) is proud to deliver and facilitate a unique  cultural awareness workshop called Understanding  and Respecting Aboriginal Cultures (URAC) Workshop.

This workshop focuses on  promoting cultural sensitivity and awareness of protocol, customs and practices  pertaining to the many First Nations tribes of Saskatchewan and the Métis  people. The URAC workshop defines terminology such as Aboriginal, the 8  recognized First Nations, Métis, and Inuit, while providing a brief history and  answering questions regarding each group. Issues such as the treaties and  residential schools are discussed. The cultural significance of Aboriginal  symbols such as the circle, the medicine wheel, the Métis flag and sash are  described. Various cultural aspects are discussed, including the importance of  family, traditional foods, games, medicines, prayers, legends and more. The  workshop teaches the significance of Aboriginal oral traditions and  storytelling and learning styles.   Finally, numerous additional resources are recommended for further  understanding of Aboriginal culture.

This is a one day (6 hour)  workshop available to groups.  The SALN  will host a workshop for individual participant as requests demand.

URAC Brochure August 2012



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