Past Events

SALN Gatherings and Galas

Gathering 2002: Mamawenig

Gathering 2006

Gala 2007

Gathering 2008: Journey Through Teachings

Gala 2009: Sharing the Gift

Gathering 2010: Literacy an Aboriginal Cultural Tradition

Gathering 2011

Other Events

2011 Aboriginal Writers Festival

Saskachewan Aboriginal Storytelling Month

IALSS Aboriginal Literacy Community Forums

The goal  of these forums was to discuss the real numbers and situations of those  experiencing barriers due to a lack of literacy skills, the obstacles to adult  learning, and possible solutions to these roadblocks. Three forums were held in Saskatchewan in 2008. The guest speaker was Senator Lillian Dyck at the Saskatoon and Prince Albert forums, and Vera Tourangeau presented in Regina.

Using  the results of the International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey 2003 as a tool and launching pad for discussion, different groups joined the SALN and partnering agencies in an afternoon of  reflection and problem solving in the area of Aboriginal literacy in Saskatchewan.  Through awareness, dialogue and focus, they endeavoured to move forward  together.


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