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Nine delegates from Saskatchewan attended the First National Aboriginal Literacy Gathering in May 2000, held in Morley, Alberta, including a learner, several practitioners, an Elder, a member of the National Aboriginal Design Committee, and representatives from both the Saskatchewan Literacy Network and the Department of Post-Secondary Education and Skills Training. There was a great deal of enthusiasm generated during the course of the Gathering and plans for a follow up provincial Aboriginal literacy project began.

The Provincial Aboriginal Literacy Steering Committee secured funding from National Literacy Secretariat (Government of Canada) and worked towards their vision. Within 2 years they achieved two significant goals.

  1. They compiled a Directory of Aboriginal Literacy Programs in Saskatchewan for public distribution.
  2. They organized and hosted the first Aboriginal Literacy Gathering in May, 2002. As a result of the Gathering, The Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Strategic Plan Report 2002 was generated. This document includes input from participants who identified needs, obstacles and strategies for Aboriginal literacy. This document is available, upon request.

In addition, the work and dedication of the Steering Committee members led to the development of Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network, a non-profit organization, incorporated March 28, 2003. The organization is governed by a nine member Board of Directors. The Board consists of Elders, a Learner, as well as Métis, First Nations and educational organization representatives.


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