The Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Network Inc. exists to work with First Nations, Métis, Inuit, and non-Aboriginal people and communities to promote and support Aboriginal literacy.

We are a non-profit organization established in 2003. We are the leader for Aboriginal literacy in Saskatchewan. Our mission is met through the many programs and services we offer. Have a quick look at our Aboriginal Family Literacy page. We are also proud of Circles of Intelligent Knowledge and the Aboriginal Adult Literacy Assessment Tool . These are only a few of the great programs and services. Please dig around the website to learn more.

The Network consists of people working in the field of literacy. Our partnerships move into other important fields including health, justice, education, immigration, and labour.

The Network is Board governed by member elected individuals. Our Executive Director is Carol Vandale. We have about 10 employees and contractors working for us. Each year we hold a fundraising event, The Saskatchewan Aboriginal Literacy Awards Gala.


The logo incorporates the book as a symbol of literacy. It reflects the diversity of First Nations and Métis cultures with the representation of the sash, flower, and wheel.


The diversity is also represented in our wordmark/watermark. The wordmark displays concepts of learning in Saskatchewan’s nine Aboriginal language groups.

Representing Word Meaning
Lakota slolyeya Learning
Métis ķaskihtâw Learning
Seaulteaux kanish tetana Do you understand
Cree (woodland, swampy and plains) kiskinowâpâtam We look on to learn
Nakota wasnokya To be knowledgeable,
one who has sacred knowledge, To seek that knowledge
Dakota uŋspe Learn
Dene k̕ádórεthílya We learn of (it)

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